From the schools to the fields

An educational, reforestation and waste awareness project in Goa and Gujarat states.

The context

This project has been designed by Up2green Reforestation in response to the request from Guala Closures India to develop a social project in order to meet its CSR needs. This project implementation has taken place in 2016-2017 in the states of Goa and Gujarat where Guala Closures is present with plants which are producing plastic screwcaps for the Indian market.


  • Sensitizing and involving young people of schools in Ahmedabad and Goa in favour of preserving the environment and fighting against climate change.
  • Supporting and training rural communities in the Gujarat with concrete actions of planting and growing trees in areas which need to be reforested.
  • Spreading awareness about the importance of solid waste management and the waste cycle within the schools of Goa.

The project

Acting in two States of India, Gujarat and Goa, the programme starts in the schools and moves to the fields.

  • Reaching 15,000 students and their parents and friends in the city of Ahmedabad and in the North Goa District with the educational kit « My class, my forest » (see the box).
  • Planting with beneficiaries from 16 villages of 2 talukas (Nizar and Uchchhal Talucas) of Tapi District, in South Gujarat, the corresponding number of trees (15,000).
  • Involving 2,000 students in North Goa District, thus, their families, on the practical solution of segregation at source level (see the box).
  • Showing the reality of the waste problem in the current goan context and so the possibilities to improve the situation with the available resources.

My class, my forest

« My Class, my forest » is an educational kit created and developed for the schools by Up2Green Reforestation.

It is based on a participatory teaching method where students can understand :

  • trees as living organisms and their importance,
  • the diversity of forests around the world,
  • the importance of these ecosystems and their conservation.

The objective is to grow environmental awareness in the school community in the action area and in particular within the classroom direct beneficiaries.

During the participatory session with the classroom, each student has drawn a tree, representing an actual planted tree a real planted tree thanks to the program. Then the idea appears: « one student, one tree ».

The agroforestry program

According to the program 15,000 trees will be planted in 16 villages located at Nizar and Uchchhal Talucas (block consisting of several villages) from Tapi district, Gujarat Estate.

Nizar Taluka Head Quarters is Nizar town. It is located 169 KM towards East from Surat and 294 KM from State capital Gandhinagar towards North.

Nizar consist of 174 Villages and 38 Panchayat. This Place is in the border of the Tapi District and Nandurbar District (north). It is also near to the Maharashtra State Border. It is at 178m a.s.l.


All drawings with the name of their author are presented on this website

Eliminate the waste

ELIMINATE THE WASTE is an old programme created and developed by Up2Green Reforestation in partnership with VEABGOA. It is adressed to the schools and its main objective is to sensitize the students and their parents to the importance of how to eliminate waste from our day to day lives and to protect our environment.

  • One-day « exhibition » at the school.
  • One-day « Segregation at source » workshop at the school.
  • One-day « workshop » out of the school. MOG visit.
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