The Partners

Up2Green Reforestation is a French NGO founded in 2009, operating in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The team Up2green Reforestation

Its mission is to:

  • Promote and develop positive action in connection with the fight against global warming: reforestation, biodiversity conservation, aid to people affected by shortages of climate, atmospheric CO2 sequestration …
  • Create awareness regarding environmental issues among adults, young people and public or private organizations.
  • Help fund reforestation programs around the world.
  • Raise money to finance these reforestation programs or program-oriented ecological.
  • Help people affected by deforestation or loss of their land management ensuring local sustainable activity.
  • Participate in deployment in France and abroad methodologies certification reforestation programs.
  • Develop CSR projects linking Education in the schools and reforestation or Agroforestry programmes.

Up2Green Reforestation chose 3 local Partners for this Project : Paravyaran Mitra for the implementation of the programme in the schools of Ahmedabad, Vivekanand Environment Awareness Brigade for the schools of The Goa State and Vikalp for the programme of plantation of 15,000 trees in Tapi District in South Gujarat.


Paryavaran Mitra was initiated in 1997 as the enviro-legal unit of Center for Social Justice (JANVIKAS) to work on environmental issues that have an impact on the human rights of people, especially marginalized communities.

Since 1st May 2015, it has become an autonomous institution as a part of decentralization policy of JANVIKAS.

The goal of Paryavaran Mitra is to focus on ecological/environmental imbalance in development projects, social injustice, human rights violations and try to resolve these issues. It acts as a watchdog and pressure group in the formation of policies and implementation of environment acts and rules.


vikalpVIKALP is a voluntary organization that works toward climate friendly inclusive development in Gujarat, India.

VIKALP has been working with the Dalit tribal and minorities for last thirteen years. The trustees and members of VIKALP are working in different fields of community development i.e. Social, Legal, Environment, and Mass communication.

At present VIKALP is more intensively working in Surat, Tapi and Dang district with perspective of Child rights, educational and health issues of the community, survival, development, protection and participation rights of the children with the community, SMC, Parents Monitoring committees and especially using the forum of Gramsabha, a way towards the self-governance of indigenous people to protect their culture and values.


veabVivekanand Environment Awareness Brigade (VEAB) is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Rajendra P. Kerkar and based at Keri, Sattari – Goa.

It’s dedicated towards environment education and wildlife conservation.

Primarily comprising of youth from various walks of life, the organization is a symbol of transformation and channelization of the energy in the youth in the right direction. Environment education being the focus of majority of the activities, it is actively involved in the documentation of various facets of biological, cultural and traditional diversity of Goa as well as reaching out to the young and the old with the treasure-trove called biodiversity. Its members are involved in Wildlife rescue throughout the state.