Operation « My class, my forest »

A forest of drawings for thousands of trees planted on the planet

Goal: educate and engage elementary school students in forest conservation and reforestation in the world.

Our children become involved in reforestation in the world

The functioning of forest ecosystems and their interactions with biodiversity, cycles of carbon and water are part of the curricula of primary classes.

The association Up2green Reforestation developed for primary classes an educational kit for teachers to engage their students and involve them in practice.

  • An entertaing and teaching implication…

    Each student is invited to express their creativity by drawing a tree. In exchange for his/her artistic contribution, each child receives the right to plant a tree in the world. He or she can choose a program of community reforestation among those supported by the association Up2Green Reforestation around the world.

  • … for a solidarity action shared at national and international levels

    The drawings are grouped and displayed on a web page of this site, thus forming a large « forest » of drawings. Each drawing represents a tree actually planted on the program chosen by the child.